• misty woodland

    Ruth Corbett

    I paint sea-scapes, landscapes, small still life studies and animal portraits. I enjoy trying to capture the essence of my subject matter, a fleeting sky, stillness or an expression in a portrait.

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  • astrid weigel

    Astrid Weigel

    I produce a range of distinctive hand printed homewares ranging from unique wall canvasses to small home accessories.

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  • Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson

    I am interested in found objects picked up whilst walking in the Ayrshire countryside. Discarded objects which become symbols of the transience of life, life’s endeavours and the passage of time.

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  • Boat Detail

    Geoff Forrest

    Geoff Forrest is a willow weaver based at Loch Doon in the Galloway Forest.

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  • Elspeth Guthrie

    Elspeth Guthrie

    I am inspired by the natural world and love to capture the expression in an animal’s eye.

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  • stuart green

    Stuart Green

    I like to work in both monochrome and colour. My colour work is predominantly of Scottish landscapes whilst monochrome images are generally of human faces.

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  • Sunset over Arran

    Ellys Nathaniel

    I am a member of Ayr Art Circle and Ayr Sketch club and paint at Robinwood Art School. I also hold the Northwest Regional Art Certificate for Landscape painting and Pottery.

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  • Margaret Law

    Margaret Law

    I paint in oil and pen and wash. My work is realistic, painted in an impressionist manner. Mainly landscape or floral.

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  • Love of colour, texture and pattern

    Janet Fraser Mckinlay

    Janet graduated in Design from Heriot Watt University in 1983 and has spent the following years as a Knitwear Designer both within industry and under her own label.

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  • James Gourlay

    James A Gourlay

    My art is evolving into an eclectic mix of landscape, still life and general interest using water colours, acrylic and pen & ink.

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  • Scottish Landscape

    Ian McNicol

    I am a fine art printmaker specialising in Etching which involves using steel and copper plates, etched in acids and hand printed on to paper.

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  • Autumn Trees

    Leona Stewart

    I am a glass artist based in Ayr and I work to commission to make window panels, door, mirrors, lights and gifts.

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  • Perfect Summer Breeze

    Irene Walker

    I find myself in the midst of a love affair with our Scottish light and wonderful coastline. My paintings are have been inspired by the ever changing colours, and skies.

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  • keith dawdry

    Keith Dawdry

    The tap roots of my work burrow into ancient and medieval crafts imbued with a Mingei aesthetic.

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  • Gillian Park

    Gillian Park

    Graduating as a designer from GSA in 1993 I didn’t touch a paintbrush until 2000 and haven’t stopped since!

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