• brent morrison

    1. Brent Morrison

    My background is engineering. I have spent most of my life working from fabrication drawings which I believe has given me a good foundation to take into my art.

  • Snowscape Alloway

    2. Bridget Hunter

    Paintings which show my response to the Scottish Landscape and still life works found in and around my home.

  • pat candlish

    3. Patricia Candlish

    I like to paint a variety of themes in different media, but my favourite subjects to paint are horses, dogs and cats !

  • Margaret Law

    4. Margaret Law

    I paint in oil and pen and wash. My work is realistic, painted in an impressionist manner. Mainly landscape or floral.

  • annie scott

    5. Annie Scott

    I work in mostly wet into wet watercolour, big splashy abstracts, inspired by our beautuful planet, mostly flowers but also landscapes.

  • janetfm

    6. Janet Fraser Mckinlay

    Janet graduated in Design from Heriot Watt University in 1983 and has spent the following years as a Knitwear Designer both within industry and under her own label.

  • linda todd

    7. Linda Todd

    Linda works in acrylic on canvas and creates colourful detailed paintings of happy narratives, and richly patterned shapes and subjects.

  • debbie cassels

    8. Debbie Cassels

    Debbie is an established amateur artist, regularly exhibiting and selling her work throughout the West of Scotland.

  • george lockhart

    9. George Lockhart

    My style is influenced by 19th century landscape painters and 20th century portraiture.

  • stuart green

    10. Stuart Green

    I like to work in both monochrome and colour. My colour work is predominantly of Scottish landscapes whilst monochrome images are generally of human faces.

  • meg stevenston

    11. Meg Stevenston

    Graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. Acrylic paintings of still life, Scottish landscapes and French café scenes.

  • Greenan Shoreline

    12. John MacDonald

    After a career as a graphic designer I have now channelled my creative energy into painting. I work in oils, acrylics and watercolour.

  • margaret macdonald

    13. Margaret MacDonald

    Working mainly in porcelain I produce a wide range of work, including jewellery. I will also be showing paintings.

  • Claire MacDonald

    14. Claire MacDonald

    I produce a collection of original woodcut prints. These are printed and then hand coloured with watercolour, so each print is individual.

  • Linda Walker

    15. Linda Walker

    Serendipity is how I would describe myself and my work

  • City by Dianne Gardiner

    16. Dunure Art Class (Group)

    The class welcomes experienced painters as well as those starting out and aims to reveal the methods and secrets artsist have been using for centuries.

  • Ed Slater

    17. Ed Slater

    My paintings are not made from glass, ceramics or lino as many people suggest. They are not fired or varnished, they are created using multi-media and techniques mastered over many years.

  • Sandra Ratcliffe

    18. Sandra Ratcliffe

    I am inspired by the power of nature at all times of the year on the West Coast of Scotland from South Ayrshire, where I live, to the Outer Hebrides.

  • kristina macaulay

    19. Kristina Macaulay

    Kristina has painted for the best part of her life as a hobby, exploring the natural and physical both in her figurative and landscape paintings.

  • simone whiteford

    20. Simone Whiteford

    I favour the unusual and like to focus on details. My background is in Architecture and I am foremost interested in the depth, concept and idea of a subject rather than its beauty.

  • James Gourlay

    21. James A Gourlay

    My art is evolving into an eclectic mix of landscape, still life and general interest using water colours, acrylic and pen & ink.

  • Susan Leishman

    22. Susan Leishman

    A blank canvas is the start of a new adventure for me! I enjoy creating a view and a mood by painting landscapes.

  • Dianne Gardner

    23. Dianne Gardner

    I paint landscape and still life using thin layers and a mixed media approach to create a luminous effect.

  • madhumati manda

    24. Madhumati Manda

    I tend to use strong primary hues to portray common aspects of life.

  • the little art school

    25. The Little Art School (Girvan)

    Ayrshire’s award winning Little Art School teaches children how to Draw and Paint using their unique structured Drawing and Painting Course.

  • the little art school

    25. The Little Art School (Ayr)

    Ayrshire’s award winning Little Art School teaches children how to Draw and Paint using their unique structured Drawing and Painting Course.

  • the little art school

    25. The Little Art School (Troon)

    Ayrshire’s award winning Little Art School teaches children how to Draw and Paint using their unique structured Drawing and Painting Course.

  • Scottish Landscape

    26. Ian McNicol

    I am a fine art printmaker specialising in Etching which involves using steel and copper plates, etched in acids and hand printed on to paper.

  • Autumn Trees

    27. Leona Stewart

    I am a glass artist based in Ayr and I work to commission to make window panels, door, mirrors, lights and gifts.

  • Perfect Summer Breeze

    28. Irene Walker

    I find myself in the midst of a love affair with our Scottish light and wonderful coastline. My paintings are have been inspired by the ever changing colours, and skies.

  • Glasgow Exchange

    29. Christy Danielles

    College Lecturer, Painting & Illustration, En Plein Air.

  • In love

    30. Janet Laurie

    I specialise in Sterling silver and semi-precious stones with a focus on texture and free flowing designs.

  • Elspeth Guthrie

    31. Elspeth Guthrie

    I am inspired by the natural world and love to capture the expression in an animal’s eye.

  • Ayr Art Circle

    32. Ayr Art Circle (Group)

    Ayr Art Circle has approximately 40 members of varying abilities who paint and draw in different mediums from still life, land and sea scapes and portraiture.

  • Tattie Howkers

    33. Alan Lees

    For the past few years Alan, an ex woodcarver, has been painting vivid works exploring urban and rural Scottish settings.

  • The Printer

    34. Merlin Currie

    An eclectic artist, crossing a diverse range of disciplines professionally as a scenic artist, muralist, illustrator, designer & prop-maker Merlin is exhibiting on this occasion, more personal studies of local worthies in a variety of mediums.

  • beryl dawdry

    35. Beryl Dawdry

    I am inspired by nature, colour, movement, patterns and textures. I try to include these into my work in a painterly way.

  • keith dawdry

    36. Keith Dawdry

    The tap roots of my work burrow into ancient and medieval crafts imbued with a Mingei aesthetic.

  • peter tudhope

    37. Peter Tudhope

    Primarily a painter with a particular engagement with drawing. I work mainly in oils on canvas and acrylic and pastel on paper in an expressive manner.

  • joan walker

    38. Joan Walker

    I am a life-long crafter now specialising in bespoke millinery.

  • Glaisnock Water

    39. Craig Duncan

    My name is Craig Duncan. I am a qualified Graphic Designer and Photographer. I’m also a self taught Artist and Silversmith. My work and creative approach is varied.

  • Ruth Patterson

    40. Ruth Patterson

    Handmade jewellery, inspired by nature, created using silver and gold with precious and semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls.

  • Tom Wilson

    41. Tom Wilson

    I am interested in found objects picked up whilst walking in the Ayrshire countryside. Discarded objects which become symbols of the transience of life, life’s endeavours and the passage of time.

  • jan laird

    42. Jan Laird

    I am a young artist from a farming background in Cumnock, East Ayrshire. With my ability to capture animals in portrait, I am able to commission work throughout Scotland using acrylics and chalk pastels.

  • Julie Brown

    43. Julie Brown

    I manipulate fabrics, threads, beads and whatever catches my imagination to make pictures and wearable art. I love hand embroidery and machine free stitching

  • sue howat

    44. Sue Howat

    My work incorporates lots of yarn & textile based materials . I sew, knit & crochet and particularly enjoy adding beads into my creative projects.

  • lee evans

    45. Lee Evans

    I am a realist painter. I am inspired to paint by sights in places I have been, the drama of sun and shade on familiar objects and people in cafes and streets that I walk along.

  • misty woodland

    46. Ruth Corbett

    I paint sea-scapes, landscapes, small still life studies and animal portraits. I enjoy trying to capture the essence of my subject matter, a fleeting sky, stillness or an expression in a portrait.

  • jenny brown

    47. Jenny Brown

    I seek to capture the true spirit of my subject, human, plant or stone, to reveal the light within all things.

  • Julie Boswell

    48. Julie Boswell

    I am a mixed media artist, making unique ‘Up-Cycled’ creations inspired by good stories, conciseness and my surroundings.

  • astrid weigel

    49. Astrid Weigel

    I produce a range of distinctive hand printed homewares ranging from unique wall canvasses to small home accessories.

  • victoria kerr

    50. Victoria Kerr

    Victoria is a pastel artist. Her artwork includes dogs, farm animals, birds of prey, flowers and landscapes.

  • JulieHWinter

    51. Julie H Winter

    Julie primarily paints with a pallet knife to achieve the textures of the natural environment. She loves to create images that evoke a passing breeze or a rolling wave.

  • janet renouf-miller

    52. Janet Renouf-Miller

    Janet makes hand woven articles such as scarves and bags. She makes felt hats and brooches and produces hand dyed yarns.

  • Boat Detail

    53. Geoff Forrest

    Geoff Forrest is a willow weaver based at Loch Doon in the Galloway Forest.

  • Gillian Park

    54. Gillian Park

    Graduating as a designer from GSA in 1993 I didn’t touch a paintbrush until 2000 and haven’t stopped since!

  • elizabeth cottingham

    55. Elizabeth (Tizzy) Cottingham

    I am an artist, illustrator and teacher inspired by things I encounter locally and on my travels.

  • CJamiesoncathedral-silves

    56. Charles Jamieson

    I travel widely and draw inspiration from those travels. My paintings try to capture a sense of place.

  • Lou Washington

    57. Lou Washington

    Graduate of GSA. I like to paint whatever my surroundings happen to be.

  • peter kleboe

    58. Peter Kleboe

    I do a variety work in painting based on natural objects. In ceramics I am more concerned with producing one-off pieces and also specialise in making bonsai pots.


    59. Eòghann MacColl

    Inspired by place, not the obvious postcard view but the part at the bus terminus, where most of us live.

  • emily wylie

    60. Emily Wylie

    I have always loved the way glass enhances light and been intrigued by the changes brought about by differing weather and seasons.

  • Braemar Gathering

    61. Jim Wylie

    I concentrate on landscape painting. I revel in the rich and subtle colours and textures of the Scottish land, sea and sky, and try to interpret this in paintings which vary from the atmospheric to the…

  • shona waller

    62. Shona Waller

    I am an enthusiast for nature and art. I aim to use colour contrast in my work to portray the emotions in any seen I enjoy viewing.

  • claire paterson

    63. Claire Paterson

    In my most recent body of work, I have become interested in portraiture and nude painting.

  • Ayrshire Fields

    64. Julie Smith

    My inspiration is the Scottish landscape, from the softly rolling farmland around my Ayrshire home to the wild cliffs of Orkney.

  • ayr sketch club

    65. Ayr Sketch Club (Group)

    Ayr Sketch Club offers membership at two levels to all of those with an interest in the fine arts. Artist members are elected to full membership by their peers and enjoy all of the facilities and…

  • uws exhibition

    66. UWS School of Creative & Cultural Industries (Group)

    “Post-Virtual Identities” – Evolving Landscapes of Artistic Practice and Music.

  • pat kramek

    67. Pat Kramek

    Influenced by the Scottish landscape and travelling abroad, my painting is all about texture, light and colour.

  • Sunset over Arran

    Ellys Nathaniel

    I am a member of Ayr Art Circle and Ayr Sketch club and paint at Robinwood Art School. I also hold the Northwest Regional Art Certificate for Landscape painting and Pottery.

  • pam dunsmore

    Pam Dunsmore

    The Ayrshire coast and countryside, Venice and the latest addition to the family – a Wheaten terrier pup – are the main subjects of my work at present.

  • Kyles of Bute

    Sarah Green

    I am predominantly a landscape artist, working in oils, acrylics and watercolour. I am inspired by the Scottish islands and coastline, particulalry the light and colours on the islands of the Outer Hebrides.

  • Minishant Meal

    Lynne Johnstone

    My passion is strong vibrant colour along with design, and subjects which create textural form and balance in my artwork.

  • linda kerr

    Linda Kerr

    My obsessions can take many forms, from Highland cows, mosaics and, at the moment, stripey chairs and up cycled furniture.