• elizabeth cottingham

    3. Elizabeth (Tizzy) Cottingham

    I am an artist, illustrator and teacher inspired by things I encounter locally and on my travels.

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  • misty woodland

    22. Ruth Corbett

    I paint sea-scapes, landscapes, small still life studies and animal portraits. I enjoy trying to capture the essence of my subject matter, a fleeting sky, stillness or an expression in a portrait.

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  • LeeEvans

    24. Lee Evans

    I am a realist painter. I am inspired to paint by sights in places I have been, the drama of sun and shade on familiar objects and people in cafes and streets that I walk along.

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  • Fiona-Robertson

    25. Fiona Robertson

    I studied drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art for five years. Recently my favourite medium is acrylic, mixed media and pen and watercolour for sketches.

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  • EdSlater2016Pics2and5joined

    26. Ed Slater

    My paintings are not made from glass, ceramics or lino as many people suggest. They are not fired or varnished, they are created using multi-media and techniques mastered over many years.

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  • Glaisnock Water

    27. Craig Duncan

    My name is Craig Duncan. I am a qualified Graphic Designer and Photographer. I’m also a self taught Artist and Silversmith. My work and creative approach is varied.

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  • In love

    28. Janet Laurie

    I specialise in Sterling silver and semi-precious stones with a focus on texture and free flowing designs.

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  • JanetKleboe_featured-image

    29. Janet Kleboe

    My name is Janet Kleboe, creator of the “Ayrshire Squares”. I create textiles for lovers of joy and comfort.

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  • Tattie Howkers

    30. Alan Lees

    For the past few years Alan, an ex woodcarver, has been painting vivid works exploring urban and rural Scottish settings.

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  • The Printer

    32. Merlin Currie

    An eclectic artist, crossing a diverse range of disciplines professionally as a scenic artist, muralist, illustrator, designer & prop-maker Merlin is exhibiting on this occasion, more personal studies of local worthies in a variety of mediums.

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  • beryl dawdry

    33. Beryl Dawdry

    I am inspired by nature, colour, movement, patterns and textures. I try to include these into my work in a painterly way.

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  • keith dawdry

    34. Keith Dawdry

    The tap roots of my work burrow into ancient and medieval crafts imbued with a Mingei aesthetic.

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  • DianeWildridge

    44. Diane Wildridge

    I have an interest in landscape photography and strive to capture the impact of weather and light. My photographs are mainly taken in Scotland and Scandinavia, where the changing seasons impart subtle nuances to every photograph.

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  • CarolynWallace

    45. Carolyn Wallace

    Having started to paint in watercolour, I continue to utilise water-based media, but of a more robust nature, with increasing interest in mixed media effects.  Acrylics and water-based oils suit my style and love of intense…

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  • Dianne Gardner

    46. Dianne Gardner

    I paint landscape and still life using thin layers and a mixed media approach to create a luminous effect.

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  • AnneScott

    49. Annie Scott

    I work in mixed media – lots of wet into wet – impressions rather than specifics. Bright colours, interesting shapes and textures, landscapes, trees and flowers. Lots of fun. Address: Alloway Village Hall Alloway, KA7 4PY…

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  • Snowscape Alloway

    50. Bridget Hunter

    Paintings which show my response to the Scottish Landscape and still life works found in and around my home.

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  • BirdsInFlight-SimoneWhiteford

    51. Simone Whiteford

    In my work I favour the unusual and like to focus on details. My background is in Architecture and I am foremost interested in the depth, concept and idea of a subject.

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  • brent morrison

    52. Brent Morrison

    My background is engineering. I have spent most of my life working from fabrication drawings which I believe has given me a good foundation to take into my art.

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  • ChristyDanielles

    57. Christy Danielles

    Paintings – Illustrations – Art Classes Painting from observation, imagination and the collective conscience. After studying art and teaching for a good number of years, I now look for impact and different ways at leaving an…

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